Pizza e Jazz: A Harmonious Fusion of Music and Authentic Cuisine

A new experience was coming! Every Saturday night, you can enjoy Italian cuisine with an authentic flavour accompanied by heart-loving jazz music that is in perfect harmony.

Cantina Classe promises an incredible and unforgettable trip for fans of Italian cuisine and jazz music.

We’re ready to take you into the jazz performance, whose melodies are personally created so that anyone who hears the melodies will fall in love. This jazz music will be performed by experienced musicians with instruments they play so softly to make the atmosphere even more romantic.

This romantic atmosphere is also strongly supported by the vibes of the Cantina Classe, which has wonderful old-style architecture in the form of brick walls that look like a classic stone oven and gives the Classe Cantina the unique atmosphere of a masonry-style restaurant in Canggu. The location of Canggu feels more perfect because it is in the midst of Bali’s tropical season.

Cantina Classe will strive to create a space where music lovers can enjoy live jazz performances while enjoying an incredible dining experience, both in terms of the taste of our food and the atmosphere that we can breathe. We’ve compiled jazz music appearances that align with the passion of our food menu.

To complement the experience of listening to this jazz performance, we also offer the best cocktails we have. We have our best offer for you: You only have to pay for one cocktail to get two cocktails.

Let’s come and visit us every Saturday night for a jazz experience!

Veni, Vidi, and Amavi I came, I saw, and I loved.

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