Meet with Delicious Italian Essence With Our Penne Pesto

Cantina Classe is an authentic Italian restaurant with spirit, presenting our signature pasta menu, Penne Pesto.

A penne pesto dish with an authentic and unbearable flavor in every delicious dish will give you a real feeling of being on the Italian stage.


Cantina Classe Penne Pesto is consistently presented with handmade, fresh penne pasta made specifically by our best chef. A wealth of soft pesto sauce will accompany a penne of spicy pasta. Our penne pesto will whetting the appetite with accompanying roasted herb chicken legs and nuts that will make you addicted.

Only at Cantina Classe will you enjoy the authentic Italian essence on your plate, where traditional Italian flavors are prepared with a modern touch that satisfies your taste for Italian dishes. This penne pesto dish will offer a symphony of flavor that unites and produces a strong Italian taste that will keep you stuck with the Italian culinary heritage.

Come now to Cantina Classe to try an original penne pesto Italian dish that you can enjoy with your family, friends, and other loved ones.

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