Enjoy an Unexpected Parsley Lemon Drop Freshness Paradise

Cantina Classe is renowned as an Italian culinary paradise and famous for its authentic flavours, proudly introducing its innovative Parsley Lemon Drop cocktail signature. A refreshing masterpiece of creation that will seduce taste and bring visitors to Italy at every turn. 


Parsley Lemon Drop is made by skilled experts with an exotic and harmonious blend between classic and contemporary. Lemon juice and parsley syrup are processed in an excellent way to make a fresh cocktail blended with premium vodka.


Cantina Classe offers a cocktail that not only respects the taste of Italy but will also surprise and delight our customers. Parsley Lemon Drop is proof of our dedication to culinary excellence and innovation with Italian flavours in glasses. 


Join Cantina Classe and raise your glasses for the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with lemon beans drop and immerse yourself in the true Italian essence. 


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