Embark on an Authentic Italian Pizza Adventure at Cantina Classe

If you are looking for a pizza experience with happiness in every slice, Cantina Classe is ready to give you an authentic Italian pizza experience.

You guys must enjoy us because our pizza will satisfy your cravings for pizza every day! Cantina Classe offers several variations of the menu of a diverse pizza that will, of course, satisfy you with the authentic Italian taste of us at every bite. If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry about it. We are available in pizza with a veggie series that will not lose its taste. We advise you to order our Veggie pizza, where the tasty flavors of the mozzarella meet the acidic tomato sauce and a touch of mushrooms as a topping. If you are a fan of mushrooms, you can also try Truffle Mushroom Pizza from us, which specializes in cream-oil truffle and is ready to satisfy your tongue.

Calling all pepperoni lovers, happy you! We provide a special menu by presenting two variants, Pepperoni Beef and Pepperoni Pork Pizza with mozzarella cheese, that will never disappoint your expectations.

If you want your experience to be more fun than our pizza, we present our free pizza-making class, for pizza enthusiasts who want to try the next level of adventure. With Cantina Classe, enjoy the connection of every artist in processing your pizza.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity! Come and visit us at Cantina Classe to enjoy an authentic exploration!

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