Discover Pasta Perfection: Cantina Classe Exquisite Lineup of Signature Italian Pasta

Cantina Classe has been known as an Italian restaurant that presents Italian signature dishes that can provide an unforgettable experience. Cantina Classe is always ready to satisfy you by serving the best Italian cuisine with commitment in each of its dishes. One of them is pasta, which has a variety of shapes and flavors, so it has become one of the favorite Italian dishes.

Cantina Classe introduces authentic pastas with flavors inspired by the rich Italian culinary heritage. From classic pastas to favorite dishes such as Aglio Olio and Carbonara spaghetti served fresh, and other handmade pasta dishes such as the Sheet Ravioli Pesto served with spinach, cheese, and pesto sauce on it; the Gnocchi Creamy Sauce served with creamy sauce and shrimp; or the Fettucine Truffle Carbonara chewed with grilled beef and carbonara sauce with a taste of mushroom truffle on it.

Our pasta is not just that. It's still a lot of pasta for you. All of the Pasta Cantina Classe dishes are the best way for you to try authentic Italian flavors that you will never forget. Come and visit us at Cantina Classe for the best pasta dishes!

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